Delivery And Return Policy

Delivery and return policy

1- The virtual book

After completing the purchase of the virtual book, you will receive access information to the book to read it via your email registered with us, and this information is the book link and a password to open the book, and you can see this information in your shopping cart, and in the event of any defect, you can claim this information by emailing us.

As for the return, it is not available for the virtual book because you are considered a beneficiary of the book once you receive the access information to it, However, in very special cases, you can write to the administration for the return, provided that this is done within 24 hours of receiving the entry information into the book, provided that the buyer convincingly explains the damage that he suffered through the purchase transaction to the management, and the administration is not obligated to return if the buyer does not provide convincing reasons , Admin mail is:

2- The paper book

If you want to get the paper book, you can contact us.

We guarantee that the book will be delivered to you via shipping if it is available to the country in which you live. You can also return it in the event that there is any shortage or damage to the book within a maximum period of five days from the date of delivery.